Minimum Wage Thinkers!


It pains me to watch young males these days, 19 to 23 years old, struggling to find a minimum wage job. Then there are some that have one but are complaining about being unhappy with it and want to, believe it or not, find a NEW one!

Thirty-five years ago when I was their age I HAD a minimum wage job, but oh were things so different then. This is why I can see the problems they are facing so clearly. The difference between the minimum wage employment today as opposed to thirty-five years ago is a result of a lack of medium wage jobs. This lack of medium wage jobs are forcing older individuals to apply for and compete with younger people for minimum wage employment.  Thirty-five years ago when minimum wage jobs were considered Starter Jobs for young junior-adults (as I like to call them) there were more available. The unemployment rate in 1978 was 6.1% (in 1979 it dropped to 5.8%)[1] , today it’s 7.4% and just coming down from an average of 8.7% over the last five years.

But instead of getting into a discussion about today’s economy I prefer to discuss my thoughts on how to encourage our young males to recognized their alternatives instead. I prefer to discourage our young males from becoming MINIMUM WAGE THINKERS! Our young males need to understand that our society has changed in a lot of positive ways as well that benefit them greatly. Ways that were not available thirty-five years ago. Mainly Starter Businesses, Starter Businesses have replaced Starter Jobs in 2014 and we have to get our young people to understand and be aware of this. Starting a small business is so much easier these days because of technology advances, mainly the internet and the explosion of social media. Young people have to recognize they own the internet, yeah we older people know how to use it but we didn’t grow up with it. We weren’t using it in high school, even middle and junior high school like they were (and are). They owner the internet and they REALLY own Social Media (facebook, twitter, youtube, emails, Instagram, flickr, etc). Young people needs to be taught, motivated, encouraged and downright knocked over the head about this advantage they have at their fingertips. Starter Businesses are their answer to adult income and adult lifestyles.

It’s difficult for the last true generation that was brought up in the “Jobs” world to know how to teach, motivate and encourage the first new generation to shift to the “own your own business” world! These parents could use (in most cases, definitely need) some help doing this. Men2Boys sees this need, we want to be out front on this issue. We want to be that organization talking about this shift in mindset, and we also want to be out front providing information and training for our young males. “Information changes Situations” and we need to change our young males from being Minimum Wage Thinkers!

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics

One thought on “Minimum Wage Thinkers!

  1. Yeah that’s def real talk, inspire to become more then just a man getting by with a minimum wage paying job. More of the knowledge we have to give to the younger kids coming up.

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