National Mentoring Month!!

Anytime is a good time to make a difference.   Mentoring is not only a gift, it’s a responsibility very few of us are willing to take part in.

absoloot_logo1January has become one of my favorite times of year due to the support and recognition given to mentors all over this great country.  As of 2002, January has been officially recognized as National Mentoring Month honoring all the leaders dedicated to changing children’s lives for the better.  The importance of mentor-ship is unmistakably visible in the youth growing up in our world today.  Paying it forward is something I’ve always stood by.  Whenever I have an opportunity to empower young kids or help them pursue their dreams, I always make an effort to build relationships with them.

I appreciate the Men2boys mentoring group that I partner with for not only their dedication to our young men today, but the valuable lessons, direction and encouragement provided to each child we come in contact with.  Men2boys’ impact on our community can be seen in several ways we strive to increase confidence in young men.  We help them gain the necessary leadership skills needed to succeed in life and most importantly help them achieve their goals in education.  I’m proud to be a part of such an important group of people and I encourage you to help me spread the word to anyone you know who needs a mentor in their life or mentors willing to join our pursuit for a better community.

Saturday January 18th I’m personally inviting you to the famous studio 510 located in Sunrise,FL to an event dedicated to our Men2boys program and its mentors.  The event will take place

between 1-5 so be sure to be on time we’ll have great speakers, success stories and so much more. The value of this program is tremendous and could only get bigger with your support.

Much Love hope to see you there,


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