Minimum Wage Thinkers!


It pains me to watch young males these days, 19 to 23 years old, struggling to find a minimum wage job. Then there are some that have one but are complaining about being unhappy with it and want to, believe it or not, find a NEW one!

Thirty-five years ago when I was their age I HAD a minimum wage job, but oh were things so different then. This is why I can see the problems they are facing so clearly. The difference between the minimum wage employment today as opposed to thirty-five years ago is a result of a lack of medium wage jobs. This lack of medium wage jobs are forcing older individuals to apply for and compete with younger people for minimum wage employment.  Thirty-five years ago when minimum wage jobs were considered Starter Jobs for young junior-adults (as I like to call them) there were more available. The unemployment rate in 1978 was 6.1% (in 1979 it dropped to 5.8%)[1] , today it’s 7.4% and just coming down from an average of 8.7% over the last five years.

But instead of getting into a discussion about today’s economy I prefer to discuss my thoughts on how to encourage our young males to recognized their alternatives instead. I prefer to discourage our young males from becoming MINIMUM WAGE THINKERS! Our young males need to understand that our society has changed in a lot of positive ways as well that benefit them greatly. Ways that were not available thirty-five years ago. Mainly Starter Businesses, Starter Businesses have replaced Starter Jobs in 2014 and we have to get our young people to understand and be aware of this. Starting a small business is so much easier these days because of technology advances, mainly the internet and the explosion of social media. Young people have to recognize they own the internet, yeah we older people know how to use it but we didn’t grow up with it. We weren’t using it in high school, even middle and junior high school like they were (and are). They owner the internet and they REALLY own Social Media (facebook, twitter, youtube, emails, Instagram, flickr, etc). Young people needs to be taught, motivated, encouraged and downright knocked over the head about this advantage they have at their fingertips. Starter Businesses are their answer to adult income and adult lifestyles.

It’s difficult for the last true generation that was brought up in the “Jobs” world to know how to teach, motivate and encourage the first new generation to shift to the “own your own business” world! These parents could use (in most cases, definitely need) some help doing this. Men2Boys sees this need, we want to be out front on this issue. We want to be that organization talking about this shift in mindset, and we also want to be out front providing information and training for our young males. “Information changes Situations” and we need to change our young males from being Minimum Wage Thinkers!

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics

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National Mentoring Month!!

Anytime is a good time to make a difference.   Mentoring is not only a gift, it’s a responsibility very few of us are willing to take part in.

absoloot_logo1January has become one of my favorite times of year due to the support and recognition given to mentors all over this great country.  As of 2002, January has been officially recognized as National Mentoring Month honoring all the leaders dedicated to changing children’s lives for the better.  The importance of mentor-ship is unmistakably visible in the youth growing up in our world today.  Paying it forward is something I’ve always stood by.  Whenever I have an opportunity to empower young kids or help them pursue their dreams, I always make an effort to build relationships with them.

I appreciate the Men2boys mentoring group that I partner with for not only their dedication to our young men today, but the valuable lessons, direction and encouragement provided to each child we come in contact with.  Men2boys’ impact on our community can be seen in several ways we strive to increase confidence in young men.  We help them gain the necessary leadership skills needed to succeed in life and most importantly help them achieve their goals in education.  I’m proud to be a part of such an important group of people and I encourage you to help me spread the word to anyone you know who needs a mentor in their life or mentors willing to join our pursuit for a better community.

Saturday January 18th I’m personally inviting you to the famous studio 510 located in Sunrise,FL to an event dedicated to our Men2boys program and its mentors.  The event will take place

between 1-5 so be sure to be on time we’ll have great speakers, success stories and so much more. The value of this program is tremendous and could only get bigger with your support.

Much Love hope to see you there,



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Keem Artist Spotlight

The Word Driven is one word to best describe Keem a young man who has a drive, and a passion for greatness.
Born in Miami FL, raised in a below average single parent home along with his three brothers and sister. Ex college student/athlete with a dream to one day make it to the NFL. Unfortunately while in college Keem found a new passion, a passion so strong that he left the Game, the only Game he spent half his life Playing. The passion that overshadowed what once was his dream was the Passion For Music. As Keem got more into the studies of music, he felt as if he had something to offer the world. He Felt as if the world was missing a piece in Music, and he was the Missing piece. The World needs me! I was called to do this [Quote From Keem] if i wasn’t I wouldn’t have given up on my dreams. There are people in this world that need to hear whats on my heart. I Make Freedom Music! The World is a Cold Place & I know there’s people out there being held captive, held Hostage by the unnecessary weight of the world. I’m the new Era, The Misfit in the Game, the comfort that the world needs, The TRUTH. So come taste this if you believe its Great. Keem is a Firm Believer he also has a Deep Passion for Christ. His style is unique, Content is Clean. he’s producing to change the game. But are you Supporting ? Follow his Instagram @HCGKeem Twitter @HCGKeem & Facebook @HCGKeem. Come Taste this to see if its Great as Keem Would Say! Lets Really Change the World.  
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Facebook keeps track of every message you type – even ones you don’t post

Originally posted on BGR:

Every social network user has at some point typed something they knew they’d regret sharing and has promptly erased it before clicking “post.” However, Slate’s Jennifer Golbeck reports that these discarded thoughts don’t completely disappear — rather, Facebook uses a code that keeps track of every time you delete a would-be message and sends metadata about that message back to its own data bases.

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It took 22 years for a generation to see this picture of Nelson Mandela

Originally posted on Quartz:

Nelson Mandela’s image is now ubiquitous. But after his imprisonment in 1964, it was illegal to photograph or republish a photo of the political prisoner in South Africa. Thus, a generation of apartheid South Africans grew up without Mandela—or at least all the photos of him flashing before us now with news of his death. The first photo to be released in 1986 was legal because it was taken by South Africa’s Department of Prisons. Here it appears in the Weekly Mail, 22 years after the ban:


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Jimmy BaldwinNo one is listening to the radio anymore, and for good reason. Radio programers follow the same repetitive playlist and most radio hosts discuss nothing of importance. Only few stations have the power to captivate an audience and keep the listener coming back for more. Is an unscripted conversation station tearing up the airwaves representing people of the community just like myself. Yopodner broadcasts live from studio 510 located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The architect and leader of the station needs no introduction, Jimmy Baldwin aka Jay-B is a leader in the community who provides a unique perspective on social issues that hardworking people experience today. His voice encourages us all to uplift and empower one another not only in the good times but also the bad. has something for every listener including fashion, music, and his own live community call-in talk show “3sides.” 3sides – Your side, my side and the TRUTH covers relatable issues surrounding people of all ages, nationalities and colors. Jimmy and his crew will laugh with you, get angry with you, and pray for you. I was blessed with the opportunity to weigh in on a topic about music that influences our youth today. The show reminded people that we need to hold one another accountable for our words and actions in the children that surround us now. 3sides contribution to the community is vital for our voice to be heard and I support anyone who provides an outlet for our community to get better. Jimmy has a wealth of experience and shares his journey and knowledge with his listeners. I encourage you to tune in Tuesday nights @ 9:30 and let your voice be heard on


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Honoring The Brave


American Soldier Cover  One day is not enough to show my appreciation to the men and women who lay their lives on the line to defend our country. When I wrote American Soldier my sole purpose in mind was to personally share my love and gratitude to all the soldiers, marines, and sailors who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the families of our great nation.  Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same without their service and I salute them. I could never take for granted the sacrifices these brave human beings make day in and day out for our peace. Veteran’s day isn’t about who’s having the biggest sale it’s about people courageous enough to do what most regular citizens including myself couldn’t do. My heart and prayers goes out to all the families affected by the pain and uncertainty that comes along with conflict. Not a day goes by that I don’t perform my civic duty to acknowledge and show respect to our nation’s heroes. SALUTE to active and retired troops all over the world. Thank you is not enough for all the things you extraordinary men and women did and continue to do.


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